Good Beer Project

Below is our thought process to the foundation that is now Good Beer Project. What began as a feeling, into an actual project.

Expectation vs Reality

For most of us, this “burnt out generation”, under the weight of our own expectations, has the bar set pretty high for everything from work, hobbies, knowledge (how “woke” we are), right down to the kind of person we aspire to be. At its core however, the greatest expectation we have, is that we make a difference; how this is defined depends on the individual.

Being aware of all those societal, environmental, and world issues, we can’t help but feel that we just want to do something, anything, to make a difference. Doing good, to most of us, is a system in itself – volunteering, donation, work; each is a separate method to “doing good”. But, everyone needs to make a living, everyone has other commitments, family, work, etc. Most of us, just don’t have the time, money, headspace, for that!

Changing Our Perspective

We now think there’s a simpler way of doing good, by re-imagining it from a system in itself, to being a plugin. How this is done depends on the context, but our work is beer, that’s our system we need to plug “doing-good” into, so, now we have to think of the HOW.

The concept of Socially Responsible Company is nothing new, and companies donating part of their profits for a good cause is also, nothing new. What we want, is to plug-in the concept of “doing good”, into the company DNA. From the branding, to the business structure, to the product, and to how the products are consumed. Throughout the process, we involve everyone, and not just us, to do good in the process.

Dealing with Cynicism

What we’re not quite prepared for, even if we tell ourselves they will inevitably come, are cynicisms to our project, our values, our process, and our commitment.

“You can please some of the people, some of the time” Steve Jobs once said.
Nobody is perfect, not everyone will feel as strongly as we do about some of the issues, and some will feel even more strongly, and feel we should contribute more. I can only say, we’re open to changes to our policies, communications, and practices, but that’s got to be inherently practical, feasible, and in our own terms.

Purpose of This Blog

We have a lot more thoughts, opinions, and curiosities than what the products can represent and convey. Consider this as it appears, sometimes anthropocentric admirations, other times its rants, and no doubt in numerous other times, intellectual vomits. In conveying our thoughts, we hope you understand more about where we’re coming from, and if you have interesting thoughts and comments, please share your wisdom.