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Ode to my fragile phone

What does a mobile phone mean to us? Maybe a tool for communication, or maybe a security blanket? 

Think about an average shelf span of a phone,  compared to a phone case. Clearly, there is a mismatch of their worth.

What does our phones mean to us?

Why are we so attached to our phones? And what does it mean to us? Maybe, it means protection (such as GPS or phone numbers) or maybe it’s just vanity (showing off). Maybe we just need a phone for work, like business. When you carry a phone, and drop it, there would normally be a crack. And that’s where phone cases come in. Many people have a phone case, but what really happens after your phone gets old? Do we buy the same model and reuse it, or buy a different model and throw it away?

The answer is most people would normally throw the phone case away, or return the phone back to the brand, and buy a new phone and a phone case.

Phone cases  and  phones

When we use our phones, we wouldn’t want it to break. So when you normally see someone carrying a phone, it is more likely for them to have a phone case. We treat our phones the same way as we treat our cars or houses, that we would like them to remain perfect. Quite simply, we are overly precious about some of our possessions. 

So before we dig into phone cases, lets have a look at our phones.


Phones are identical, but phone cases are not. Like clothes, phone cases can have as many different patterns as one can imagine. So since we are on our phones so much, it is important we express our identity through our phone cases.

Beauty of Wear and Tear

But sometimes, normal daily things are beautiful torn, or cracked. Take clothes as an example. Some clothes like jeans, might have holes, and that might make it more beautiful. Some things that have been damaged, has more meaning and beauty than something that is perfect or new, perhaps we can shift our values about our phones that way.  

What are similar things in our lives that are like phones, which we don’t protect?

Here are some of the things that we can compare phones to. Glasses are one of the things, and once their lenses break, people just replace the lenses. Watches, we don’t protect either. Have you ever seen a person wearing a watch with a cover?! Laptops have covers, but we are not too overprotective about them either.


We need to change how we look at our mobile devices as just that, tools. Phones have a shelf life of at least 2 years or more. Phone cases, on the other hand, last for centuries. We have placed too much meaning to our phones, and the environment suffers as a consequence. And maybe, if you stop buying phone cases, it can just make a difference.

Written by Annabelle Wong 

(A nine year old girl with a passion for reading and writing)